Everyone in your company wins with automated expenses. expensemanager has been designed so minimal training is required for users and your company is quickly saving time and money.


Streamlined and automated supplier invoice management from invoice capture, approval and payment. It's an integrated module so you can take it with expenses now, or when you are ready


Mobile, hands-free and now digital receipts direct from merchants. Our receipt management is more than just pretty pictures, from receipt policy, exceptions and archiving

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Lightning quick expense reports and mobile approvals

Credit Card Import

Automatically import expenses from any card type for personal or corporate cards

Split Expenses

Split expenses easily and a favourite split wizard for super quick allocation.

Mobile App

Free app to snap receipts, create expenses, approve claims on any device

Digital Receipts

Now you don't even have to take a photo, your receipts come in directly from merchants

Smart Receipts

Automatically matched to correct expense and unlimited receipt storage

GST/FBT Wizard

Configurable GST for easy allocation and FBT wizard for auto calculation

Small, growing and large companies

All rely on expensemanager to manage their spend

Trusted by finance

expensemanager keeps admin teams happy

Advanced A/P Workflows

A/P return and review workflows helps finance teams to manage the process and a full audit trail of changes. Auditors can have access without the full admin permissions

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As Unique As You Are

Configuration options for small and large companies including expense codes, expense rules, user options, approval limits and more, and configurable data fields options

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Policy Workflow and Prompts

Configurable policy workflow options with user prompts and email alerts meets even the most complex business processes so A/P don't have to fix errors, chase claims or remind users

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Seamless Data In/Data Out

expensemanager works with all of the credit card company file formats and supplier data feeds for seamless data flow and ABA file options for automatic pay direct option.

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Not Just Pretty Receipt Images

Full receipt management includes receipt exception and exemption workflows, document archiving, unlimited storage, digital enriched receipt data, and reporting.

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Automated Integrations

No more re-keying of data. Regardless of how complex the data feed or the finance system our team ensures data is shared accurately, securely and effortlessly with any ERP solution

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