Digital receipt management is not just pretty pictures

                          expensemanager has announced the launch of their digital receipt management module that allows companies to move to digitial receipts with complete corporate functionality. “For companies wanting to go paper receipt free it’s not just making sure users can snap a pretty picture […]

Mobile mileage tracking and no paper

For many organisations the one business expense that is most time-consuming and open to abuse is the mileage claim, but expense manager makes it super easy to manage mileage claims and trips. Filling in paper log books and filing manual km claims is so yesterday, right? And now that your staff have smartphones, then it’s […]

Cloud computing..what’s all the fuss about?

Cloud computing is all the buzz these days, with a lot of discussion about it’s pro’s and con’s. expensemanager, right from the ‘get go’ was built on cloud computing technology and our expertise in this technology comes from years of experience in the online space, starting with the first locally built online travel booking system […]

Welcome to our new blog

V6 has finally been launched, including many new features like receipt imaging and a super sexy new look! We now introduce our new blog, that will keep you updated on all the things happening at expensemanager, tips on how to get the most out of the solution, what’s happening in the world of expense management […]