No paper, no phone, no email

It doesn’t get any easier than this - digital receipt data direct from the merchant


Receipts go straight into users' receipt vault, smart matched to expense and data auto-filled

Enriched data

Because the data is direct from the merchant, it’s enrinched and the GST is correct

Who's already on board?


The Rydo app is serviced by the GM Cabs network of 20,000+ reliable drivers Australia wide.

Exclusive to expensemanager users -

$20 fare discount for each user who signs up to Digital Receipts using our promo code

Accor Hotels

In partnership with Accor Hotels Asia Pacific, Digital Receipts will be rolled out across their extensive range of hotels over the coming year.
To celebrate, we’ll be giving away hotel vouchers to some lucky users. Register your interest below to be in the running.


With travel comprising a large percentage of expense items, it makes sense to have trip receipts automated.

Travel Beyond Group and Concierge Business Travel currently offer Digital Receipts, with more travel management companies joining soon.

What does a digital receipt look like?

It's good to be green

Not only does going paperless save companies a lot of money, there's also the environmental impact of receipts.

In the US alone, over 940 million litres of oil and 10 million trees are consumed each year to create receipts, which is incredibly unsustainable.

And the benefits of cutting down on receipts extends beyond the environment and our cost to process. Deforestation has been linked to ethnic, religious and political instability across the world. Thermal receipt paper also contains a harmful chemical, Bisphenol-A, which instantl disqualifies receipt paper from recycling.

Globally, we have a huge challenge in creating a safer world, a more efficient economy and a more sustainable environment but creating positive change doesn’t require a monumental societal shift.

Small decisions about even small pieces of paper can go a long way!

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