Credit Card

Any credit card type, company or personal

Email alerts

Reminder emails keeps the process flowing quickly.

Cash Claims

Created from mobile app, desktop or personal card import.

Approval workflow

Approval workflow options and on-the-go via mobile

Smart Receipts

Receipts automatically matched to right expense

GST/FBT Wizard

Easy to track FBT and correct GST at expense entry

Smart mapping

Auto coding on common expense types

Split expenses

Easily split expenses with favourite split feature for users

Mobile business tools

Loved by users

Goodbye paper statements. Credit card expense transactions are created automatically and not only do we make is fast, but we make it super easy with clever coding and smart matching of receipts.

Users can create cash expenses on the go anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Put simply, our aim is to make is so easy for users that submitting an expense report takes just minutes, not days. All with no data entry errors or confusion about what can be claimed.

Quick approvals

Approvers are busy people and they love that they can approve expense reports on the go. They are emailed as soon as a report is submitted, approve from their mobile and can see out of policy alerts.

And because we know they're busy, email alerts can be sent to remind them if there are any outstanding reports needing their attention

With our easy approve or return workflow the approval process keeps flowing.

Trusted by finance

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