Seamless integrations

Regardless of how complex the data feed or the finance system our team ensures data is shared accurately, securely and effortlessly.


Gone are the days of finance staff re-keying data into finance systems. With expensemanager, finance staff simply search and batch all approved claims for export. Connecting external systems with expensemanger is a critical and key benefit of an automated solution and we have successfully implemented all types of integrations for customers.

Because each customers' requirements are different a custom export file is created at implementation and regardless of how complex the data feed or the finance system our expert integration team ensures data is shared accurately, securely and effortlessly.

Document archive

In addition to important financial data, expensemanager produces a document archive file of soft copies of expense reports and receipts automatically when exporting expense data. As well as expensemanager storing digital files, this critical archive file allows clients to retain their digital data in their own environment ensuring tax compliancy with in-house storage of receipt and invoice images.


expensemanager works with all of the credit card company file formats. Credit card statements are created automatically for all users from an imported file and presented to cardholders within minutes. And at the time of import we make it even easier for users by automatically coding the common expense types. Users just have to review, attach a receipt and submit for approval.

The credit card interface complies with best practice security procedures and card data is always imported by state-of-the art encryption and security.

Not just for credit cards.

If you can get your data electronically we can process it. A lot of suppliers supply data electronically and this can be uploaded into expensemanger to create all types of claims, such as mobile phone charges, cabcharges, fleet purchases and more.


Pay Direct

Go one step further and want to pay direct. expensemangers' integrated payment module is the quickest and easiest way to reimburse staff and suppliers

At the time of data export our payment module can automatically create an ABA or Direct Entry file for companies to use to reimburse direct to employees or a suppliers bank account.

expensemanager works with all of the major bank file formats or can easily create a custom format if required.