New Year, new features

New Year, new features. Not only do we want to keep our busy claimants happy with new features, we've released some new features for the hard working teams in A/P.

* Review and return: Simple return feature from payer to claimant.
* Activity codes: Now they are a lot more flexible.

These latest features are all available NOW.

Review and Return for A/P

Aside from our standard 'Reject by Payer' workflow, we've introduced an option for a claim to be 'Returned for Review' by a Payer. When using this workflow, a claimant can edit fields except for the amount which allows for a claim to be updated and returned directly to the payer instead of having to be re-approved.

This new option can be turned on instead of the usual Reject workflow or can be used in tandem.

Activity Codes

We've made Activity Codes a lot more flexible and they can now be...

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