It’s difficult for companies to enforce a spend policy if it’s just a document stored somewhere and is never read. With expensemanager users are reminded and company policy is enforced at the time of data entry so there is no question mark for what can be reimbursed and claims are not delayed with approval for out of policy expenses.

Our highly configurable company policy wizard meets even the most complex business processes, whether you are a small company with a few people logging claims or a multi-entity global organisation with hundreds of travelling employees.

As unique are you are

We know that every company is different, has different views on who can claim what, how and when and that's fine with us. Specific policy control workflows can be applied for expenses, claims, approval limits, suppliers, receipts and amounts, to name just a few. And all can be configured by different employee types, whether it's a cash, credit card or invoice claim. You decide the workflow, we'll make it happen.

Multi-entity, one platform

Whether you are in Australia, Hongkong, New Zealand or anywhere else a unique feature of expensemanager is our ability to work with companies that have multi-entity corporate structures. All in a single platform we can configure different entities with different currency, terminology, expense types, general ledger codes, credit card types, project codes, mileage rates, travel policies and more. And reporting and accounts payable functionality can be handled by the one department for all or individual entities.

Here are some examples of how multi-entity organisations have been configured in expensemanager:-

Example 1

A multi-national organisation has acquired various companies but not merged financial systems. They have multi companies operating with different general ledgers and have more than one export file to upload to their separate financial systems.

Example 2

A global organisation is using expensemanager in different countries using a single database. Each country has different expense types across their range of divisions. This company also has different travel and entertainment policies across divisions.