Mobile, hands-free and green

For companies wanting to go paper receipt free it’s not just making sure users can snap a pretty picture of their receipts. They use must be able to check, enforce and audit their digital document policy.

Receipts on the go

Keeping receipts is one of the biggest headaches for users with expense claims. No-one wants a wad of receipts to sort through each month and then attach them to a paper claim. Now they can snap a receipt on the go on their smartphone and it's automatically in their receipt vault.

Credit card expenses are now a breeze to submit with our smart matching technology matching the receipt to the correct credit card expense. Claimants just have to verify and submit.

Digital Receipts

Now your receipts can just turn up in expensemanager. Digital receipts can be sent direct to your receipt vault in expensemanager and we match it to the correct expense.

  • Hands free: - No paper, no photo, no email. They simply turn up in your receipt vault.
  • Smart matched: - We match the receipt to the correct credit card expense
  • GST right: - Because the data is direct from the merchant the GST is correct.
  • Enriched data: - Any additional data can be auto-populated into the expense

Complete receipt management

We include these additional features because we take receipt management seriously

Receipt Policy

Integrated and flexible policy to ensure receipts are attached to expenses with under threshold limits.

Used Receipt Workflow

Receipts allocated are removed on submit and cannot be used twice, with reporting for duplicate expenses.

Exception Workflow

Exception approval workflow option for expenses to be approved without a receipt and enforced.

Receipt Archive

Receipt images are automatically archived for client side store and ATO compliancy

It's good to be green

Not only does going paperless save companies a lot of money, there's also the environmental impact of receipts.

In the US alone, over 940 million litres of oil and 10 million trees are consumed each year to create receipts, which is incredibly unsustainable.

And the benefits of cutting down on receipts extends beyond the environment and our cost to process. Deforestation has been linked to ethnic, religious and political instability across the world. Thermal receipt paper also contains a harmful chemical, Bisphenol-A, which instantl disqualifies receipt paper from recycling.

Globally, we have a huge challenge in creating a safer world, a more efficient economy and a more sustainable environment but creating positive change doesn’t require a monumental societal shift.

Small decisions about even small pieces of paper can go a long way!

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