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About Animals Australia

Animals Australia is Australia’s foremost national animal protection organization and represents over 30 member groups and thousands of individual supporters.  Together with their global arm, Animals International, they have an unprecedented track record in investigating and exposing animal cruelty and conducting world-first strategic public awareness campaigns. Their work unites millions of people who believe in a world where animals are free from cruelty.

Managing a Legacy Manual Process

Animals Australia had maintained a manual accounting practice to manage employees’ expenses.

“Our expense management system was an Excel spreadsheet that was completed and emailed along with their receipts. ” explained Jamie Hughes, Finance Manager . “Managers were cc’d for approval, before being processed by the Animals Australia’s finance team in Melbourne. There were elements of automation, but the process still required a high degree of manual handling – creating individual expense reports, tracking down receipts and delays in submitting expense reports”, said Jamie. Once received, the finance team had to check the claims, ensure they conform to policy before importing the information into MYOB Account Right.

Now with the introduction of expensemanager, staff with work cards, can take a  photo of their receipt and match to the incoming credit card claim that is created automatically.  Where our staff need to be reimbursed, it’s a very quick and easy process via the mobile app.


Overall, the time to submit and get an expense claim paid has reduced significantly and with greater controls around our expenses. 


Not just expenses

A great benefit for us with choosing expensemanager was the ability to not only automate our expense process, but also to deal with our supplier invoices.  We used to have our staff printing/emailing the supplier invoice to the approver.  This often meant it could sit for days with an approver before being sent to our finance team for entry into Account Right.

Since we took the invoice module in expensemanager we have been able to centralise the receipt of all of our suppliers invoices to one Accounts Payable portal.  When expensemanager receives the invoice it sets up a supplier payment request automatically for us by using their Optical Character Recognition technology.  It also  checks that we know the supplier and that the invoice hasn’t been received and paid before.

Our finance team can then send it straight away to the right Approver, who can do the approval on their laptop or mobile.


We’ve reduced the time to process a supplier invoice approval and payment by a number of days and it’s visible to everyone and now totally paper free.


Quick implementation

The implementation of expensemanager was completed in just six weeks.  One of the pluses of expensemanager was that it required very little in the way of internal resources for us to set up.  They created the database for us and did some training and away we went.  We knew we just had to pick up the phone and speak to some-one locally if we needed any help.

expensemanager is a MYOB specialist and they had standard export files for Account Right which we could take advantage of.  Our data file was a bit different to the standard export file but this was not a problem for expensemanager to change, and at no cost.

Finance and governance

As a charity we are audited every year and a critical need for us was an application that could cover this requirement.  expensemanager has an audit trail so we can track who spent what, where and why.  Providing an expensemanager login to our auditors, assisted greatly in this year’s audit.

Since implementation, expensemanager has released further functionality that continues to provide greater efficiences and improved controls.


Jamie Hughes,

Finance Manager

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