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Back in the early 2000’s, Australian companies were doing more business globally and travel and entertainment (T&E) spend was now their 2nd largest controllable expense.

As a founder of corporate travel agencies, Sharon Nouh saw first hand the administrative nightmare that companies now had with reconciling their T&E expenses. And after a stint at the original online travel tech company, travel.com.au, she and some like-minded individuals set about solving this problem.

But the goal was not just to develop software, the solution had to be simple for users but with all the ‘bells and whistle’ features but most importantly it had to be affordable.

Sharon saw the growing need for affordable IT solutions for small to mid size corporations in Australia and with the use of cloud and mobile technology knew this would be achievable.

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We know that it's not just about providing great software, but it has to be backed up by a team of great people to implement and support the solution. And that's what our team deliver - "software-as-a-service".

From the first time a client contacts us, then through the implementation stage and after go-live our full local support and commitment to service excellence not only delivers our client's vision but creates a successful ongoing partnership.

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