For many organisations the one business expense that is most time-consuming and open to abuse is the mileage claim, but expense manager makes it super easy to manage mileage claims and trips.

Filling in paper log books and filing manual km claims is so yesterday, right? And now that your staff have smartphones, then it’s easy to get them to track on a mileage app..

Great, but what do they do with the data from there?.

expensemanager now automates this process. They simply email their report from their smartphone app directly to their expensemanager receipt vault and log a claim..

No more rekeying of any data and same automated process for approval..

And with our payment module we can even reimburse your staff direct to their bank account..

For those that just love a diagram, here’s how easy the process is……

Don’t have a mileage app in mind, we can recommend a great local product that is fully compliant with Australian Tax Office requirements.

Vehicle Log features log book and km reimbursement reports, multiple vehicles, calculates and reports your % business use, optional us of GPS to automatically calculate the trips and route information, iPhone calendar and contact entries, just to name a few features. See all the details at

You can claim the cost of this app in your tax return. It is a legitimate expense and is fully tax deductible.

And if you want to get really tricky we can do a direct data integration with Vehicle Log using their enterprise version so your staff don’t even have to send their mileage logs/reports to expensemanager, we can get them automatically from Vehicle Log and create claims for you.