We speak daily regarding automation as we thrive to seek software that provides tools and products that make our day to day life streamlined and easier. But what is automation? It’s simple. Automation is the cure for slow, repetitive processes that are digging into businesses and their staff’s most precious resources – time and money.

For businesses of all sizes, tedious processes torment owners and staff that have them asking themselves everyday, “I just wish there was an easier way to do this?”. What about when it comes to focusing on strategies for growth? You’re exhausted from those procedures and processes that refrain yourself from giving it your all to the aspects that mean most to businesses.

Well, we can add the processes involved in Accounts Payable to the mix. From purchase orders, to supplier invoices, right through to approvals and accounting that manual processes patronise finance teams. Long wait times to process invoices, unhappy suppliers and less time to focus on growing the business. This is where Accounts Payable Automation, also known as AP Automation benefits local and leading Australian businesses everyday

So what exactly is AP Automation? It is the software that produces tools that introduce automated processes into your business to eliminate the manual elements of Accounts Payable. An example of an AP Automation provider is expensemanager. A local, Australian made and supported business offering AP Automation that has been adopted by leading businesses globally that continue to grow whilst cutting costs and time spent on administration. 

Gavin Finn from Peoplebank, who recently adopted AP Automation through leading Australian provider, expensemanager, says “Before expensemanager, our entire accounts payable processes were manual and paper-based. We saved hard dollars in printing, filing, storage and man-hours. The return on our investment IS absolutely there!”

Time and time again, AP Automation has been proven to speed up processes and enhance productivity involved in Accounts Payable by up to 50%. Considering what Australian businesses have experienced in a time like 2020, it has never been more important to harness the power of AP Automation to get back into gear and start focusing on business growth – not procedures.

If you are part of a finance team or the owner of a business, escape the tedious and traditional ways of Accounts Payable. Explore software capabilities that offer enhanced AP Automation, such as expensemanager, to cut time, money and effort spent on Accounts Payable so you can start focusing on growth. You’ll thank us for it.