expensemanager’s new version of their receipt vault launched today shows how easy it is for users to match receipts to expenses with smart matching technology. Any receipt sent to a user’s vault will now be displayed on the expense page and automatically matched to the relevant credit card transaction. This new feature drastically reduces the processing time for users, they simply verify the receipt and move on to the next expense line.

Sharon Nouh, CEO/Founder of expensemanager said “

Every time we release a new feature, it’s all about how automated and painless can we make the process for the users. Along with our smart mapping and auto fill functionality for credit card transactions this new smart mapping of receipts means users can have a credit card claim submitted for approval in minutes” .

Receipt management is by far the most time consuming part of the expense claim reimbursement and management process and now with receipts just fading away, going to digitial receipts is the best option for companies.
Expensemanager’s receipt management module not only allows users to attach and store digitial receipts it includes the workflow tools and options so that companies can also enforce and monitor a digital receipt policy, as well as archiving of the receipts for storage in their own environment.