Purchasing a new or replacement core business management system is a major decision. Navigating the available options can be as confronting as the implications of getting it wrong. Information resources are often conflicting, difficult to compare and skewed toward the US market rendering them if not useless then at least to be approached with caution.

Some say that the process is a little like getting married – not something anyone wants to repeat in a hurry.

However there is good news – If you are based in Australia or New Zealand, then this ERP guide will be a ‘must read’. Here are the leading leading ERP and financial accounting solutions for medium to large enterprises in the A/NZ region.

Just remember there are some straightforward considerations and five steps to follow when choosing ERP software:

  • Shortlist your favourites
  • Decide: cloud or on-premise
  • Know the total costs
  • Understand delivery and implementation
  • Get the proof
  • Will it play with your other software?

Will it play with my other software?

We wanted to especially mention the last point.

If you choose a software solution like expensemanager, that has been developed in Australia for the A/NZ market then you can’t go wrong. We have a range of standard integration files for the usual suspects in the market, and if we don’t have a standard one, we’ll build it for you.

We’ve successfully implemented hundreds of integrations for customers, connecting accounting, enterprise planning and human resources systems. Our expert integration team ensures your important data is shared back and forth accurately, securely and effortlessly with one solution that’s easy to implement and easy to use.

Looking for some expert advice?

If you are considering the MYOB range, then we can recommend some of the leading ERP consultancy firms.

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