expensemanager has announced the launch of their digital receipt management module that allows companies to move to digitial receipts with complete corporate functionality.

“For companies wanting to go paper receipt free it’s not just making sure users can snap a pretty picture of their receipts” said, Sharon Nouh, CEO/Founder of expensemanager.

If a company is to truly go digital with their receipts the software they use must be able to check, enforce and audit this policy. That’s why we have built a whole lot of receipt management ‘smarts’ in our expense management solution”

With the new receipt management module, available now, companies have a number of configuration options available. For instance, if a user answers yes to a receipt, the software will check to make sure there is in fact a receipt image attached before they can proceed to submit. A company can flag certain expense types to be receipt exempt and even nominate a dollar amount and flag these automatically when credit card data is received. And the module also includes an exception workflow for those users who didn’t get a receipt. They can then ask for an exception through a specific workflow and approval process.

expensemanager promises store digital receipts for up to 5 years 6 months, with users being able to view these online at any time, but in reality companies should still retain a copy of these digital receipts in their own environment and this is simply a click of a button with the archiving process that is automatically included in the expensemanager receipt module. An archive file is automatically available for download by A/P for every single receipt that has been approved and exported into external finance systems.

“expensemanager is excited to provide our customers with a complete receipt management solution, not just a simple receipt app. By adding all of these extra tools and workflow options into our expense solution and making them configurable, means companies can finally get rid of paper receipts with the assurance that their digital receipt policy will be enforced and tax compliant.” said, Sharon Nouh.