Visible budgets

Whether it’s expenses, invoices or pre-spend with purchase orders expensemanager’s budget module
gives employees visibility on their budgets so they can make sensible and smart decision.

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Increase visibility

Our Budget module gives employees visibility

Receive more from your expense management tool.

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Spend control

All staff can see the impact of spend before requesting or approving leading to more informed decisions.

Integrated data

Our connected platform collects updated expense, invoice and purchase order data to aggregate all spend.

No hidden budgets

No longer is your budget a hidden excel spreadsheet, users get real-time view at the entry point.

Real time visibility

Real-time view of budgets shows actual vs committed spend from expenses, invoices and purchase order requests.

Budget management

Manage and control as business conditions change. Set the period and granularity and adjust as required.

Control your spend, grow your profits

Carefully constructed budgets allows a business to continually track their business allowing for strategic, long-term planning for everything from current operating costs to potential expansion.






Case study with Artrage

Amy Riley, Business Director tells how expensemanager’s budget module made a big difference to their spend control by making their budgets visible to all staff.

Flexible set up options

Decide on period - weekly to indefinite Decide on granularity - GL codes, cost centres, absolute amounts.

Multiple budgets

Assign different budgets across different entities with flexible approval workflows.

Flexible user permissions

Set granular access and create user roles depending on what needs to be done.


Real-time consolidated budget reporting at the user and budget owner levels.

Audit trail

Full history of budget creation and administration with change tracking.

Over budget alert

Budget approvers are alerted by email as soon as the budget is overdrawn

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can make changes to the budgets as your business priorities change. 

Expensemanager provides budget reporting at the user and budget owner levels.

You can assign budgets to projects or activities for forecasting and measurement of spend and full audit trail.


Yes, you can either go for a budget module during the set up of your account or post Go live.

Yes, you can take the budget module straight away or later.

Budget owner email alerts when budgets are close to or over spend limits.

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