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Control Logic

Our decision to go with expensemanager was made in part to the very user-friendly interface and the features that we needed, but also as important was our desire to have a local company who understood our business, handling the implementation and ongoing support. As an Australian company who focus on oustanding customer support, we understand the importance of building close relationships with our suppliers to mitigate delivery risk and minimise user issues. expensemanager’s delivery and support models exceeded our expectations in this space. Read more “Control Logic”

Ben Allwood


expense manager replaced the tedious manual process we had for payment of credit card and cash claims to a streamlined and efficient process. The implementation of this system has dramatically reduced the time our finance department spends on the process and has enabled our field staff to process expenses claims on the internet when away… Read more “KFC”

Andrew Deane


Before expensemanager our entire accounts payable processes were manual and paper based. We started using the expense module and quickly saw the benefits of automation and not having to keep paper receipts.
Based on the success of rolling out the expensemanager expense module, we decided to then look at automating our invoice process. As a result of taking up this module we are now completely paperless. We saved hard dollars in printing, filing, storage and man hours. The return on our investment IS absolutely there! Read more “Peoplebank”

Gavin Finn


expensemanager’s Trip Reconciler module made an immediate impact to Rockend’s accounting processes. The time spent reconciling the corporate travel card was reduced from two whole days to just two hours. This dramatic time saving allowed the finance team member responsible for the reconciliation to concentrate on other more important duties. The time savings also enabled the company to clear its statement backlog and return to a more timely accounting schedule. Read more “Rockend”

Janice Bert

Animals Australia

A great benefit for us with choosing expensemanager was the ability to not only automate our expense process, but also to deal with our paper invoices. We used to have our staff printing out the supplier invoice when they received it and sending the paper invoice to the approver. This often meant it could sit for days with an approver before the piece of paper was sent to our Accounts Payable clerk for entry into Account Right. Since we took the invoice module in expensemanager we have been able to centralise the receipt of all of our suppliers invoices to one Accounts Payable portal, automate the entire process of receipt to approval to export and it’s totally paper free. Read more “Animals Australia”

Jamie Hughes