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Artrage Inc

Amy Riley, Business Director tells how expensemanager’s budget module made a big difference to their spend control by making their budgets visible to all staff


Also known as “Girls School”, “Fringe World Festival”, “Rooftop Movies”, “Outer Fringe” and “The Fringe Fund”, Artrage Inc is a large-scale charity established in 1982. The organisation’s main activity is culture and arts primarily serving the general community in australia.

Gaps in finance infrastructure

With events getting bigger and bigger every year, we wanted to implement an AP automation solution to help us improve some of the manual processes.

We needed a system that could help our employees in easier reconciliation of their company credit cards and quicker approval of purchase orders so purchases could be made on time.

We also wanted a system that could eliminate the need for our AP team to key invoices manually into MYOB Advanced, saving them time to be able to concentrate on more important tasks.

Budget module

One of our primary requirements was to setup budgets within the AP system so employees could see the key figures of their budget whilst reconciling expenses and requesting purchases.

We thought this would enhance visibility and improve our spend control as the employees would be aware of their budget balances in real time.

As well as increasing efficiency of the finance team by eliminating the need to send out Excel sheets of budgets to the budget owners periodically.

expensemanager solution

expensemanager’s expense and invoice modules was able to satisfy all our requirements around AP and credit card processes. Their add on budget module which integrates with both the expense and invoice modules was exactly what we were looking for. Even easier. The team knew exactly what we wanted and set up the system accordingly.

The implementation process was very straightforward and we went live within 6 weeks from the initial kick off session. Because expensemanager is a certified add-on with MYOB Advanced, they were able to get some data directly from MYOB and we just had to upload budgets into the system from our end.

The expensemanager team worked with us to draw up the company structure, so it is consistent with what is setup in MYOB Advanced and also in a way that our budgets can be setup.


We saw the benefits of the system as soon as it went live. expensemanager provided some training at the start and because the system is intuitive the users were able to start using it straightaway.

There were a few tweaks to be made after we went live but the expensemanager team was only a phone call away and they were able to implement the changes immediately.

One of the big pluses for us was how seamlessly expensemanager connected with MYOB Advanced in terms of exporting data across. As soon as the invoices and credit card claims are finalised in expensemanager, the data can be exported to MYOB with just the push of a button.

“Post implementation, the system continues to evolve and provide increased efficiency to our team here at ArtRage” Amy Riley, Business Director


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