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Fuzzy Events

Daniel Lyons, Finance Manager at Fuzzy Events discusses how Expense Manager significantly reduced time and costs spent on spend management by resolving issues around paper-heavy processes and manual data entry. All with seamless integration to MYOB Advanced.
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Daniel Lyons, Finance Manager at Fuzzy Events discusses how Expense Manager significantly reduced time and costs spent on spend management by resolving issues around paper-heavy processes and manual data entry. All with seamless integration to MYOB Advanced.

Fuzzy Events, better known as Fuzzy, is responsible for some of Australia’s top events including Field Day and Harbourlife. Fuzzy is not only a successful events company, but also tours a large number of DJs and live acts from across the globe for club shows and other festivals in Australia and Asia.

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Data storage, unnecessary paper shuffling and long tedious processes

Daniel and his team at Fuzzy faced tedious manual processes when it came to managing expenses and invoices. Expenses required manual data entry whilst staff spent hours every week chasing expense claims. The team also processed approximately 1,000 invoices a month, taking 1-2 days per week.

Overall, the finance team noticed that rather than focusing on their core roles, they found themselves spending excess time and money on spend management.

“Prior to Expense Manager, our team were spending hours per week manually processing invoices and typing in data. We found ourselves shuffling through paper and running out of storage space.” says Daniel.

Spend Management targets for Fuzzy

Daniel and the finance team at Fuzzy had a collection of goals they wanted to target to increase the efficiency of their spend management whilst boosting staff morale. These included:

  • Reduce time and effort spent on expenses and invoices
  • Simplify card reconciliation
  • Remove data entry and paper-usage
  • Flexibility on modules
  • Integration to MYOB Advanced
  • Local support and simple implementation

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The Solution

Together with Fuzzy’s MYOB Partner, Leverage Technologies, Expense Manager offered the first-class solution through a Complete Spend Management platform. With Expense Manager being 100% Australian owned, supported and developed with seamless integration into MYOB Advanced, the choice was easy for Daniel and the team.

Expense Manager delivered a simple implementation and ongoing local support, whilst offering flexibility around modules.

Daniel mentions that “Being local, integration was easy as Expense Manager worked directly with our MYOB Reseller Leverage Technologies, making implementation a breeze.” 

Integrating Expense Manager with MYOB Advanced, all Spend Management Goals were achieved in addition to many more benefits. Fuzzy was able to completely streamline their spend management, whilst making their processes completely digital removing any need for paper usage.

The support of a complete mobile app made submitting and approving claims simple whilst eliminating delays and increasing efficiency. With invoices now being completely automated, days are saved per week whilst storage is significantly reduced, whilst eliminating other issues such as errors or fraud.

With direct integration to MYOB Advanced, Daniel and his team said goodbye to the tedious administration tasks, resulting in a significant increase in productivity.

“Expense Manager has saved us countless hours and costs spent on Spend Management. We no longer require to manually type in data or upload documents as the platform manages all of our spend – from expenses right through to invoices. Flexibility was important and we were able to add additional modules as required.” says Daniel.

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Fuzzy had many roadblocks with their previous manual process. From shuffling through paper expense claims to manually processing a thousand invoices a month, there was an urgent need for Automation. Being an Australian company, local support and implementation were crucial. Since Expense Manager is 100% owned and developed, this made the decision easy. When it came to integration, Expense Manager teamed up with Leverage Technologies, seamlessly connecting to MYOB Advanced.

It is safe to say that with Expense Manager’s state of the art technology, the platform resolved the issues for Fuzzy and completely revolutionised internal processes, increasing efficiency, staff productivity and most importantly, saving time and costs.

“We cannot recommend Expense Manager enough for those looking to automate their Spend Management. Expense Manager is must-have software for Finance Teams.

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