Operational Dashboard

“What gets measured, gets improved.”

Our aim with the Operational Dashboard is to track and report on workflow performance and identify any areas for improvement. This display of key metrics will enable our clients to be proactive with their automation goals, stay ahead of problems as well as alerting on business exceptions. 

You can see a visual of the Dashboard below and an explanation of the data sets. 

We would love to get your feedback and any suggestions you may have. 

Usage Numbers

The current month Active Users, Invoices sent to vaults and Purchase Orders created.

Expense claim status

Real-time snapshot of expense claims by Status. There is a further breakdown for Credit Card and Reimbursement claims

Claims Past Due

Real-time snapshot of how many claims are at the Not Submitted and Not Approved status.


Average Submit time for an expense claim from Creation (Credit Card imported claims only) and the average Approval time (Reimbursement and Credit card claims).

Receipt Status

How many claims were processed with a receipt excemption applied or did not have a receipt

Invoice Process Status

Real-time snapshot of Invoice Payment requests by Status.

Invoices Due

Real-time snapshot of how many invoices are overdue and due in the next few days.


The average processing time for a supplier payment from creation till export excluding the scanning time, and average approval time.

Supplier Usage

The number of active suppliers in the last 30 days with a breakdown of existing vs new suppliers.

Purchase Order Status

Real-time snapshot of Purchase Orders by Status.

Open Purchase Orders

Real-time snapshot of how many open POs are there in the system with the time period they have been open for along with a breakdown of POs that have invoices linked vs POs that don't have invoices linked.


The number of POs that had quotes in the last 30 days, and the average approval time.

PO Matching Values

The number of closed POs in the last 30 days along with the percentage of their value being utilised.
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