expensemanager can fast-track your digital transformation with our eInvoice module and receive your supplier invoices digitally. Our feature-rich, secure eInvoicing solution is the smarter way to increase efficiency, accuracy and security. 100% data accuracy with line-level extraction

Software that is Trusted by leading organisations

eInvoices to your secure vault

Automatic and rich invoice data and supplier payment request is automatically created.

Coding & matching completed

Intelligent automation so invoices are to automatically coded and supplier matched and and approval workflows and matched to PO’s.

Duplicate invoice check

Duplicate invoice checking is done and validation against a checklist of configured rules reducing errors

Quick split allocations

Easily split invoice amounts across multi-entities, cost centres, tracking and general ledger codes with a favourite split wizard for automatic splits.

Coded invoices sent to approvers

Approvers receive fully coded invoices and can approve on the go. Multi-level approval workflows with configurable limits can be set up to the company policy.

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We find great pleasure in collaborating with organisations like the ATO and OZEDI to help businesses in Australia better understand and utilize technology.

Watch the expensemanager webinar with the ATO and have all your questions answered about eInvoicing and how expensemanager can get you started on the new way to send and receive invoices.

Minimise Fraud and Billing Scams

Under the Peppol network invoices are sent in the same predefined format with encryption and strict security significantly reducing the possibility of it being altered in any way.

Sending and receiving invoices directly through the network via the approved and accredited Access Points, means it reduces the risk of fake invoices and scams to virtually nil.

save money

Save up to 70% on processing costs

Because eInvoicing data is checked before it’s sent, eInvoicing will save time by:

  • Removing the need to manually re-key or scan invoices
  • Correct inaccurate information
  • Chase overdue or lost invoices

Get paid faster with system to system delivery

  • Less errors and less administration
  • Know where your invoices are with enhanced traceability
  • Know when your invoices have been received and actioned
  • Federal Government agencies are paying eligible eInvoices within five days
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eInvoice plus our A/P automation

Our Invoice Automation module includes an integrated supplier database for both purchasing and invoice payments with unmatched features including Supplier Average and Bank Account Validation. 






Eliminate Fraud before it happens

The ACCC has recorded a loss of over $600 million in invoice fraud and that number is growing every year. Expense Manager stops fraud in its track, giving you peace of mind when paying invoices.

Fraud Detection
Dedicated tools to eliminate fraud before it happens.
Supplier Validation
Workflows tied to both new & existing suppliers.
Audit Trails
Complete digital trail on all activity & invoices.
Duplicate Checks
Invoices are automatically checked for duplicates.
Purchase Orders
Control spend & add visibility to your invoices.
EXPENSEMANAGER integrates with the accounting, ERP, and travel software that powers your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has mandated that all Australian federal government agencies must have e-invoicing in place by July 2022

The Australian government has committed to pay invoices submitted over the PEPPOL network within five days. This will offer a significant boost to suppliers, who are currently waiting up to 35 days or longer for payment, which returns cash flow to the economy sooner.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) estimates it costs more than $30 on average to process a paper invoice and almost $28 for an emailed PDF version. A significant cost when multiplied per invoice/ per month/ per annum

expensemanager is able to receive eInvoices and we can help you with the process.  Just reach out to us

The current set up your company has for approvals and export to your finance system will not change.  The only difference is how we receive the invoice

Yes, we can provide you with resources to get your suppliers eInvoicing enabled

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Purchase orders

Control spend by making the entire purchase process online


Automate invoices and eliminate the costly paper process


Simplify your business spend and automate the expense process