Tax Management, made easy.

Tax Management is made simple with Expense Manager. Our tax wizard is designed for Australian FBT and GST as well as used globally with configurable tax options. 


FBT Management

Our tax management module gives business the ability to track and record FBT linked expenses accurately. All this, whilst integrating to leading ERP systems including MYOB, Xero, Reckon and many more.


tax management


fbt gst tax management



Track and Record

Real-time savings – Powerful tax management and reporting to compare the 50/50 or Actual method and savings that can be achieved.

Detailed reporting – Detailed Recipient information with the FBT calculation for each.

Not just entertainment – Powerful configuration options to track multiple linked expenses, such as Gifts, Sustenance, etc

Group legal entities – Group your legal entities to receive an entire view of FBT without having to manipulate reports in Excel.

Tax Management making FBT & GST simple.

Tax management is made easy as Expense Manager can be used globally with configurable tax options. For our Australian users, it is fully configurable for Australian tax rules and regulations.






The smartest and most efficient way to manage your spend.

Join these modern finance teams that have implemented Expense Manager.

"Expense Manager makes it easy for our staff to submit and approve invoices and claims and makes complex workflows simpler. It assists us to more efficiently administer corporate purchasing cards with an automated live feed, and the use of the mobile application makes it easy for our staff to capture and code documentation on the go."
expense management
Mia Barwick
Friends School
“The Expense Manager invoice module has automated our accounts payable process. As a result we have saved hard dollars in printing, filing, storage and man-hours. The return on our investment IS absolutely there! Expense Manager are a great partner and are always willing to work with our specific needs.
ap automation
Gavin Finn
“A great benefit for us with choosing Expense Manager was the ability to not only automate our expense process but also to deal with our supplier invoices. We’ve reduced the time to process a supplier invoice approval and payment by a number of days, it’s visible to everyone and now paper-free.”
invoice automation
Jamie Hughes
Animals Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the system extracts the GST when the it runs the OCR on the tax invoice or receipt.

Yes, our tax management module allows you to add multiple tax codes like capital and non capital purchases.

Yes, you can add users as a group and set them up as your favourite group for future use.

Yes, through our tax management wizard, the system can be set up to be calculated on actual or 50/50 method.

Reports are available to enable a company live insights to easily distinguish if a 50/50 or an actual return will be most beneficial to the business.

Yes, the system excluded the client’s portion when claims are exported from EM to the financial systems.