Ready to take the step

But concerned about the time and resources for implemenation. With our local status and full service, not only is the implementation with us highly personal, but easy because we do all the work.

Consultative approach

You have the vision, you decide the workflow and we make it happen.

We know that every company is different, has different views on who can claim what, how and when and that's fine with us because we deliver a solution to our clients exact needs.

Unique Needs? Yes, We Can

expensemanager delivers powerful configuration options, but we also know for some businesses if a solution can't be customised then they can't automate.

Unlike other software providers our unique ability to offer high value and low cost customisation is one of our key benefits.

Implementation methodology

Implementation is quick and easy, from the time you give us the green light through to 'go live' we handle each step of the process.

Our implementation consultants work with our clients on best practices and completely configure and set-up the solution for live operation rollout.

And after?

We know that it's not just about providing great software, but it has to be backed up by a team of great people to support the solution.

After go-live our full local support and commitment to service excellence not only delivers our client's vision but creates a successful ongoing partnership.

Implementation Process

Our proven methodology ensures a successful and stress free process for our clients.

the implementation process is quick and easy with expensemanager

User Onboarding

expense management software is one of those business tools that is 'touched' by a high number of employees and it's critical to the success of the implementation that there is no adoption barriers. At expensemanager we offer a full user onboarding program to have staff trained and up and using expensemanager quickly and confidently.

Live webinars for user training

Because it's near impossible to co-ordinate mobile employees for in-house training our live webinars are designed to have users trained up and using expensemanager quickly.

  • Live online user training in dedicated sessions for employee and manager use of expensemanager.
  • Online training sessions are presented using client actual configuration so the training is relevent to the users
  • As expensemanager is very intuitive, the learning is very straightforward and sessions can be completed in 30 minutes

Go Live Program

A feature of our implementation program is a personalised ‘Welcome Email’ sent to users the night before Go Live.

  • Personalised email and how to access expensemanager
  • Their user name and temporary password
  • Links to the Help Site and quick start guides
  • What to expect the first time the log in and any other relevant company information

Administrator and Accounts Payable training

Live training sessions will be structured and scheduled on an agreed timetable to train the nominated administrators and accounts payable personnel. The training sessions can be conducted on site or online.

  • Database creation and administrator and accounts payable policy configuration training.
  • File import and export training. Covers all aspects of importing card data and exporting data.
  • Go Live training. Final training session ensures all key finance and administration staff are fully conversant with the solution.

User Help

Ongoing live local support is available as well as online help

  • Quick start guides. Visual and easy to understand help guides.
  • Video training. Short videos on key functionality
  • Regular 'What's New' workshops and email to advise of upcoming new features

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