expensemanager + Sybiz

Sybiz Integration

expensemanager has an easy standard integration file for Sybiz which you can run periodically to upload
our data to eliminate the need to rekey any data.

Our standard integration file enables you to transfer
both journal and bills with an easy link and reference back to expensemanager to view our complete
audit history, approval steps along with copies of both receipts and invoices.

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sybiz integration expensemanager

Integration Quality

Enhances Sybiz functionality

Enhances Sybiz functionality with a mobile app, OCR scanning, reporting on budgets, tracking spend and approval workflows.

Credit card reconciliations

Push credit card transactions through to Sybiz as journals with all the coding details entered in expensemanager.

Direct links

Direct links back to expensemanager are included in the export file for a direct link back to view receipts, invoices, expense details and audit history.

Purchase orders

Enter purchase orders in expensemanager and match them with invoices before invoices get exported and paid out of Sybiz.

Invoice automation

Harness expensemanagers powerful scanning and approval workflows to ensure only valid invoices are loaded into Sybiz for payment.

No manipulation

With expensemanager standard export files, no manipulation is required before they can be imported into Sybiz.

ap automation

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Frequently Asked Questions

The standard export file is included in the standard implementation cost. However, if the file needs to be customised, there would a be a charge.

Because we have build the standard export files, there is not much involvement from the third parties such as re-sellers unless a customisation is required.

There is nothing that the client needs to do as we have a standard file built and even if a customisation is required, we will work with your re-seller.

We provide a hyperlink back to the transaction in expensemanager so the user just needs to click on them or copy/paste them into a browser to view the full transaction details including the receipt or invoice, transaction details, audit history and linked purchase orders.

In most cases, the bills and the journals are exported as drafts, so the users can edit them before posting or releasing. However, all claims are released by the accounts payable team in expense manager prior to being sent to Sybiz where they have the option to make changes to ensure data consistency.

No, our “ready-to-import” files can be imported into Sybiz without any interventions or manipulations.

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