Easy and seamless integrations

Regardless of how complex the data feed or the finance system expensemanager ensures data is shared accurately, securely and effortlessly.

Accounting Software

expensemanager integrates with all major accounting systems. Connections can be via cloud API's or simple, flexible CSV files. Custom connections also can be built to connect to any business system.

We have successfully implemented all types of integrations for customers.

expensemanager works hand in hand with MYOB and supports all of the MYOB products.

  • Our one click API integration to MYOB's bigger business cloud ERP, MYOB Advanced
  • Fully coded standard export file for Account Right and Account Right Multi
  • Fully coded standard export file for MYOB Exo

Corporate Credit Cards

expensemanager receives daily automatic data feeds from all the major credit card platforms . Use your credit card today for a business lunch and tomorrow it’s in your expensemanager claim

It’s that simple, and that reliable. And it’s 100% secure: expensemanager maintains PCI compliance for the highest standards for handling and storing credit card data.

Business Cards

Because of our local supplier status we have the expertise and knowledge of the different bank feeds available for Business Cards in Australia.

We offer a library of configured import file options for the different banks and for the AMEX business card. The data file type varies by bank or we also offer a standard upload .csv file format that can be used.

Supplier data feeds

expensemanager was built as a cloud platform and this allows us to capitalise on the collaboration and connectivity options with other business applications. Digital receipts and trip data are two of the innovative data feeds available for our clients, but we can offer more.

If a supplier can give us data electronically we can process it. It can be as simple as a csv file from your supplier that can be uploaded in expensemanager to create a unique claim type, such as mobile phone charges, taxi rides, cabcharges, fleet and more.

Document archive file

expensemanager produces a document archive file of soft copies of receipts images and supplier invoices automatically when exporting expense data.

As well as expensemanager storing digital files, this critical archive file allows clients to retain their digital data in their own environment ensuring tax compliancy with in-house storage.

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