Streamline your A/P process

Our smart software with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and machine learning automates each step

expensemanager eliminate the costly problem of paper invoices and manual processes so finance teams are better able to improve their organization's bottom line and strategically support business success.

Key features

Optical Character Recognition

Supplier invoices are scanned, the data is extracted and payment requests automatically created - eliminating all manual entry

Email alerts

Email alerts to approvers and finance team ensures quick turnaround of invoice approval and payment


No more chasing paper invoices, A/P staff can see easily where supplier invoices are in the approval and payment process

Supplier database

Suppliers are validated on invoice receipt and alerts to A/P if the supplier is unknown so only valid suppliers are approved and paid.

Duplicate invoice checking

Duplicate invoices are detected on receipt and payment request held so no more paying invoices twice.

Export and Pay

Export supplier invoice data for upload to external finance system and/or pay direct option with automatic ABA file creation

Approval workflow

Integrated approval workflow with approval limit verification and automatic routing. Invoice approval can be done from a mobile device

Split allocations

Split invoice amounts across multi-entities, cost centres, budgets, tracking codes and general ledger codes

Storage and archiving

Unlimited invoice storage online and invoice archive file automatically created for easy in-house server storage


Suppliers email their invoices to expensemanager. We scan the invoice, data is extracted and supplier request automatically created.

  • Invoice receipt options: - Send to expense incurrer, invoice approver or centralised A/P address
  • Data extraction - Header and line item data extraction available for auto fill
  • Invoice storage - Supplier invoices are stored forever, visible to everyone forever
  • Audit trail - Recording when the invoice was received, who approved it and when it was exported
  • Not just pdf - expensemanager also handles and stores scanned supplier documents
  • Duplicate invoice detection - Don't pay invoices twice

Supplier management

No more surprises for your finance team. expensemanager includes an integrated supplier database for both purchasing and invoice payments

And your people are not held up from purchasing or approving with our quick and easy 'new' supplier on-boarding process.

  • Integrated supplier database- Supplier validation on invoice receipt
  • Supplier management - Full control by A/p for new supplier request workflow
  • Supplier reporting - Invoice is linked to supplier payment request and stored forever
  • Supplier coding - Default expense coding and trading term calculations to suppliers

Match and pay

expensemanager delivers industry leading robotic processing automation software (RPA) on a checklist of variables so no manual intervention is required from your accounts payable team or purchasers within your company.

  • Supplier payment request - Automatic creation of a new supplier payment request on invoice receipt
  • Integrated supplier database- Supplier validation
  • PO Matching - If our Purchase Order module is used, we match the PO to the supplier invoice
  • Supplier coding - Default expense coding and trading term calculations based on the supplier


Never pay invoices twice and full audit trial

  • Duplicate invoice check- Automatic validation if invoice has been paid before
  • Audit trial - Full audit history of invoice creation, approval and export


Online and mobile approval workflow keeps the process flowing

  • Approval workflows: -Solution supports multiple approvers with dollar limit heirachy
  • Mobile approval - Approvers can approve from desktop or mobile
  • Policy levels - Approver workflow options based on company policy
  • Supplier based approvals - Nominated approvers can be configured for individual suppliers


Export data and pay suppliers quickly and easily with automated payment file

  • Export data - Integration to any finance system
  • Invoice linking - Supplier invoices image can be linked from external system to expensemanager
  • Archive file - Automatic creation of invoice archive file for client side store
  • Pay Direct - Automatic Pay Direct file for upload to bank

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