One single platform

expensemanager delivers an integrated solution for companies to process, manage and control all expense spend. Each module is fully integrated, all managed by a unified company policy and workflow and with the same user interface for all modules users only have to learn once.

Take expenses now, invoices and purchase orders later or all at once. It's your choice.

Revolutionises processes

Costly time consuming processes are dramatically improved. expensemanager automates the entire process including data entry, receipt and invoice capture, policy compliance, approval workflows, document archiving and storage and data integration to external finance and bank systems.

Costs are controlled

With our powerful company policy wizard costs can be monitored and controlled, and with highly configurable options, flexible and custom policy workflows can be built to meet a companies' unique requirements . Configurations include user prompts, expense limit alerts, configurable claim reimbursement controls, approval limits and routing, as well as receipt enforcement and exception workflows.

Eliminates paper

The entire expense and invoice claim, storage and retrieval process is converted to a paper free environment, not only reducing overall processing costs but also dramatically improving the turnaround time for approval and payment, better cash management and improved visbility into spend.

Adds visibility

Companies today require clarity into all channels of their operations along with vendor insight. expensemanager provides real-time spend information and analytics that gives companies visibility across their organisation to understand data against budgets, track and monitor compliance, track billable time, improve negotations on vendor spend and to plan and forecast appropriately.

Gives users mobility

With increasing mobile workforces, our cloud and mobile technology keeps users productive whilst away from their desks or on the go. Mobile expense management reduces expense-processing costs, allows for quicker expense approvals and faster reimbursements.

Some compelling numbers

For those that love to see a graph!

cost to process2

Manual vs automated

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