Simplify Expenses with expensemanager

Simplify your business spend with expensemanager, automating every step of the expense claim process so your people can concentrate on their core roles, not shuffling paper!


Hours are saved

Costly manual processes are eliminated by automating the entire process from data entry to ERP integration

Customised to you

With our powerful company policy workflows costs can be monitored and controlled to meet companies unique requirements

Eliminates paper

The entire expense, invoice payment and purchase order process through to storage is converted to a paper free environment

Adds visibility

Real time spend information and analytics that provides clarity into all channels of your operations to plan and budget appropriately

Gives users mobility

Our cloud and mobile technology keeps users productive and able to work faster whilst away from their desks or working remotely

Trusted by these leading organisations

What they say about us

100% of expensemanager clients surveyed recommend us and are highly satisfied or satisfied with the product

“The biggest benefit for us with expensemanager was the very intuitive user interface. We wanted to be sure when choosing a solution that there was no user push back. Our staff understood what to do when capturing receipts and submitting claims with just a quick user training session"
Wendy Small
Billini Shoes
“We knew the adoption of expensemanager would greatly assist our end users, our busy finance team and simplify our audit processes. With our staff located all around Australia, expensemanagers' ability to run live training webinars was great and we were up and running within weeks."
Siegmar Kahl
Rema Tip Top Industries
“Not only were we able to automate our cumbersome and manual expense reimbursement process with expensemanager we were also able to automate the fuel expenses that our staff have to claim. Moving to an automated solution has been not only a benefit to our users making claims but also for our finance team”
Scott Altman
New South Wales Nurses & Midwifes' Association