Bridge your people, processes and technology

expensemanager is an Authorised Pronto Solution Partner delivering expense workflow automation that connects seamlessly into Pronto.

Streamline the tedious manual tasks.

expensemanger is for all the manual things your staff need to do! Like capturing receipts, submitting and approving expense claims, and no more rekeying of data for finance teams

Zero paper, simple processes, all online and with mobile tools.

Let your software work together for you

Experience the power of cloud connectivity with expensemanager and Pronto. No more manually entering information or clunky exporting

Our one click API integration to Pronto's cloud ERP software let's your data flow through to the right places you need it to be in Pronto

Key Features

Credit Card

Any credit card type, company or personal

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Email alerts

Reminder emails keeps the process flowing quickly.

Cash claims

Created from mobile app, desktop or personal card import.

Approval workflow

Approval workflow options and on-the-go via mobile

Smart Receipts

Receipts automatically matched to right expense

GST/FBT wizard

Easy to track FBT and correct GST at expense entry

Smart Mapping

Auto coding on common expense types

Split expenses

Easily split expenses with favourite split feature for users

Mobile business tools

Integration Quality

API Integration

Our one click API integration to Pronto xi for seamless transfer of data into multiple areas of Pronto including the General Ledger and Supplier Invoices. expensemanager supports all Pronto dimensions, including Customer, Job, Department and Location.

Integration file

Fully coded, standard export file for on premise Pronto customers. Our standard export file can be modified for individual company needs. An easy upload takes data from expensemanager straight into where you need it in Pronto

  • Replicating company structure as it appears in Pronto
  • Enhances Pronto functionality with mobile app, OCR, reporting on budgets, tracking spend and approval workflow
  • Easy retrieval of historic exports with common reference fields between systems
  • Direct link back to expensemanager for detail view and audit history

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