Get rid of the guesswork

Finally get rid of spreadsheets, paper forms and slow approvals

By making the entire purchase process online, informative and easy to use, expensemanager gives employees the ability to plan their spend.

And companies the tool to get control of their spend .


Simple for users

As an integrated module, your employees can start creating purchase orders with minimal training


Perfect for teams in the field or on the go. Purchase orders can be approved from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Recurring PO’s

One purchase order can be created for multiple payments, with auto-deduct on receipt of invoices and running balance

Paperless purchasing

No more paper, no more lost documents and no more confusion. Quotes from suppliers can also be stored and viewed

Personalise with your logo

Your suppliers can receive a PDF document with all of the information and your own logo at the top

Budget control

Assign spend to projects or activities for forecasting and measurement of spend and full audit trail.

Approval workflow

Integrated approval workflow with approval limit, purchase order limit and and multi-approval workflow.

Invoice matching

Purchase orders are automatically matched to incoming invoices when using our invoice module.

Configurable workflows

Different workflows available for approval, purchase order amount and supplier invoice matching


Give your people the tools to make purchases quickly and with confidence that they are making informed decisions about their spend.

With expensemanager your people can follow the status of their requests throughout the process and are notified at each step.


Businesses need to arm their staff with visibility on their budgets so everyone can make smart decisions

expensemanager's budget module gives your staff visibility and control before making a purchase with an integrated and real-time view of spend before and after it occurs.

Supplier management

Purchasing from known suppliers makes sense and expensemanager validates suppliers before the money is spent.

New suppliers can be onboarded with a simple workflow, reducing the time for invoice payment.


expensemanager's powerful and flexible approval workflows gives Approvers visibility on the spend that matters to them. With custom appproval workflows, requests are automatically routed to the right people. Allocate one approver or multiple and approval options can be customised by dollar limits for every user across different teams, cost centres or even different entities.

And with mobile approvals, they can make informed decisions quickly.


Keeping suppliers accountable is easy with expensemanager. Only approved purchase orders can be remitted to Suppliers. Purchase Orders are company branded and includes all the relevant details, like delivery date, contact details and delivery address.

Match and pay

No more surprises when receiving invoices. When an invoice is received you will know it's within budget and approved. Purchase orders are smart-matched and you only pay for what you have received.

And no more guesswork about who needs to see the invoice. Additional workflows can be automated for receipt of goods or auto-approved if a complete match.

Seamless integration

expensemanager integrates with all of the major accounting systems. Connections can be via cloud API's

Or we have a library of standard export files to the most popular finance systems

Don't see your finance system? Custom connections also can be built to connect to any business system.

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