Control the hidden cost

Travel and expense spend typically represents 10% of a company’s overall operating budget and companies must work hard to ensure these costs remain in check.

Trip Reconciler module delivers daily enhanced trip data directly from your travel management provider with automated matching and expense line coding dramatically reducing the time it takes for the reconciliation of travel expenses.

Key features

Automated trip data

Daily trip feeds configured and available for any credit card type or on-account travel expenses.

Enriched data

Complete trip data for matching and reporting and a more complete picture of spend

Digital receipts

Digital receipts with GST from merchant matched to the credit card expense transactions

Smart mapping

Auto coding to configured expense types means effortless reconciliation

All travel payment types


We partner with some of the largest travel management companies in Australia and New Zealand, or we can on board your preferred supplier

If you don't have a travel management company working for you, then we can offer an introduction.

We only partner with the best and our Travel Partners are all progressive, well established and have a eye to the future with offering leading edge technology for their client that make a difference.

Digital Receipts

Trip Reconciler is not just a travel data feed, it's also Digital Receipts for your travellers.

What's a digital receipt? Not only can your travellers get all of their travel invoice receipts directly into their vault they can also get taxi and hotel receipts

expensemanager has partnered up with the Digital Receipt Exchange to deliver hands free, automatic digital receipts straight from the merchant to your traveller's receipt vault.

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