Last year we introduced automated supplier payments and our mobile app but the good stuff didn’t stop there, we’ve been busy this year all ready and here is a round up of some of the new features we’ve been working.

* New and more data fields: Want to capture data, we’ve got that covered.
* Accounting integrations: Simple, easy hand off
* OFX Import: Credit card statements now as easy as 1,2,3, literally!
* New login page: Worthy of a mention

These latest features are all available NOW.

Second description field

You can now include a second free text data field to any expense, you can customise the field label and make it mandatory yes or no.

Project Codes

Because we know some companies just have to track a lot of data, in addition to Activity Codes, you can now track Project Codes. You can disable one or many at any time to keep your project list up to date.

Accounting integrations

We export to any ERP solution as part of our implementation service, and now we’ve added Xero as a standard export option.

OFX Import

For companies that want to bring in corporate card data but don’t want to sign up for the special data feeds with Visa or Mastercard we’ve included the OFX import option as a standard option. Companies can simply download their entire card data feed via the OFX option through their banking portal and upload into expensemanager.

Credit card statements now as easy as 1,2,3, literally!

New login page

Worthy of a mention…we think!