Simple for users

As an integrated module, your employees can start creating purchase orders with minimal training

Paperless cloud purchasing

No more paper, no more lost documents and no more confusion. Quotes from suppliers can also be stored and viewed

Painless implementation

Implement our purchasing module in days. No installation or set up. No training courses. Sign up and save

Manage and control spend

Create and measure company spending. Plan projects and forecast for the future


Electronic purchase and approvals replace pen-and-paper or ad-hoc processes. As an integrated module, users require little or no training


Purchase order requests are delivered directly to the appropriate individuals for approval and approval limit verification. And because approvers are often mobile, they can approve from a smartphone


Invoices received are smart-matched with purchase orders and invoices can be auto-approved or receipt acknowledgment workflow enforced

Recurring Invoices

One purchase order can be created for multiple payments, with auto-deduct on receipt of invoices and running balance

Seamless integration

Same seamless integration options to external finance systems as our other modules and document archiving

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