Our software enables companies to dramatically change the way they manage their spend and we’re excited to be part of their vision for automated and paper free processes.

With companies large and small all looking for cost savings, the adoption of expensemanager delivers benefits across multiple levels

Here's the top 10 benefits of why you should automate and why with us.

All spend, one platform

expensemanager automates and controls the entire expense and invoice management process in the one platform.

Each module is fully integrated for seamless data sharing and cross-platform visibility and with a consistent user interface across the entire platform users only have to learn once.

You can take our expenses module now, then invoices later or all at once, it's your choice

Simple To Use

expensemanager is one of those business tools that will be 'touched' by most of your employees, and because it's near impossible to co-ordinate mobile employees for in-house training we've designed our solution so users can start with little or no training.

Our smart matching technology for expense coding and receipts translates to accurate and quick expense submissions and faster reimbursements.

Add in integrated and automated invoice management with common screens and workflow and you have a seamless user experience.

Software As A Service

When we say our product is ‘software-as-a-service’ that’s what we deliver. We’re very proud of our 100% client retention rate and we’ve achieved this because we know that it’s not just about providing great software but the implementation and support is just as important.

Right from the first time a client contacts us, then through the implementation stage and after, our full live support and commitment to customer service excellence not only delivers our client’s vision but creates a successful ongoing partnership.

Seamless Integrations

Connecting external systems with expensemanger is a critical and key benefit of an automated solution and we have successfully implemented all types of integrations for customers.

Regardless of how complex the data feed or the finance system our team ensures data is shared accurately, securely and effortlessly.

Fast Implementation

Implementation is quick and easy, from the time you give us the green light through to 'go live' we handle each step of the process to deliver a fully configured solution to your specific needs.

Our full implementation and support service is one of the reason we boast a 100% client retention rate

Company Policy Wizard

You have the vision, you decide the workflow and we make it happen. We set out to truly understand and deliver a solution that meets each clients’ individual needs and to share in their vision for a revolutionised spend management process.

We know that every company is different, has different views on who can claim what, how and when and that's fine with us because our company policy wizard delivers a highly configurable solution as unique as you are.

All the benefits of the cloud

Our solution has been developed from the ground up using cloud technology allowing us to capitalise on the collaboration and interconnectivity options with other business applications.

There is no expensive software to install or hardware platforms to buy, internet connection is all the infrastructure you need. No maintenance is required and seamless, frequent upgrades are part of our service.

And because the cloud is mobile by nature, users access expensemanager anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Unique Needs? Yes, We Can

expensemanager delivers powerful configuration options, but we also know for some businesses if a solution can't be customised then they can't automate.

If your process is a bit more complex, unlike other software providers our unique ability to offer high value and low cost customisation is one of our key benefits.

So if this has been the barrier to adoption, then give us a call, because "yes we can".

It’s Good To Be Green

No more paper forms, no more filing cabinets, no more copying. Not only does going paperless clear clutter from your office environment, it saves time and therefore money, you will be doing your bit to decrease your environmental footprint.

So we say, go green...get paperless.

It’s Affordable

And last but not least. As a subscription service, we take the 'expense' out of expense management. One affordable monthly subscription for managing expenses, from credit cards, cash, travel, mileage and now invoice automation.

The efficiency savings and control of costs are immediate returning a quick ROI for your organisation

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