Control spend

Finally get rid of spreadsheets, paper forms and slow approvals by making the entire purchase process online and easy to use. expensemanager gives employees the ability to plan their spend and companies the tool to control their spend.


Spend control

Allows for review and discussion on spend before it happens without slowing down the purchase process.


Spend elimination

By approving spend before it happens maverick spending can be reigned in and reduced by up to 80%.

Zero paper

No more paper, no more lost documents and no more confusion. Quotes from suppliers can also be stored and viewed.

Adds visibility

Achieve greater visibility into your company's spend, track purchases and report on your spend with certainty.

Minimal training

With the same incredibly user friendly interface employees can start creating purchase orders with minimal training.

Proactive and automated spend management

Give your people the tools to make purchases quickly and with confidence that they are making informed decisions about their spend.






Case study with Acrux

Acrux tell how expensemanager’s purchase order module has helped to control their spend and reduce the time it takes for them to process invoices.

Recurring PO’s

One purchase order for multiple payments, with auto-deduct on receipt of invoices and running balance.

Spend reporting

Powerful, but easy browser-based spend reporting to track and monitor all spend.

Flexible user permission

Set granular access and create user roles depending on what needs to be done.

Company policy wizards

Highly configurable policy wizards monitors and manages the company spend policy.

Audit trail

History of critical expense data changes and archive file with receipt image for client side storage.

Budget tracking

Our connected platform collects and consolidates updated expense, invoice and PO data to aggregate all spend.

Match and Pay

No more surprises when receiving invoices. When an invoice is received, purchase orders are smart-matched. No more guesswork about who needs to see the invoice as automatic routes can be configured.





Frequently Asked Questions

Unlimited documents can be attached, i.e. quotes from multiple suppliers

expensemanager offers customisation as per client’s requirement where purchase order can be made optional for invoices.

Yes, a purchase order can be amended by an administrator. Once the purchase order is approved, it is processed by admin who can make the required changes.

Yes, a customised company logo can be added to the purchase order pdf.

Variance can be set for a purchase order. If an invoice is more than the PO, it will be sent for approval again. Variance can be set as a percentage or as an amount.

The user can request for a supplier if they can’t find it. However, the accounts payable team needs to approve it before the PO can be submitted for approval.

EXPENSEMANAGER integrates with the accounting, ERP, and travel software that powers your business.

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